Easy Way to Complete an Amazing Nursing Essay

Do you want to enter a nursing school? If so, you will need to put in a lot of effort because this profession is quite popular. Studying to be a doctor is more expensive than studying to be a nurse. Therefore, a lot of people that would like to be involved in the medical industry and become nurses instead of doctors. If you are among those people, you will need to complete a nursing essay to enter a school for nurses. In this article, we’d like to share the information on how to complete an amazing essay. But first let us encourage you a bit.

Complete a Nursing School Admission Essay

A Little More Motivation

Though doctors and nurses are both involved in the medical industry, their functions differ a lot . Many people believe in the myth that all nurses dream of being doctors. Perhaps, some of them really do. However, people of all professions sometimes dream to change their occupation. Nurses are not the exception. Yes, there are nurses who are eager to become doctors but there are also many nurses that are fond of their profession.

What we are trying to say is that whatever profession you chose, you will sometimes have doubts whether it was the right choice. Now, you should understand that nurses and doctors differ immensely from each other even by their traits of character. The most essential character trait for a doctor is cold-bloodedness, and for a nurse — carefulness. If you like caring about people and you are too emotional to work as a doctor, then your decision to enter a nursing school is quite reasonable. Go ahead!

How to Complete a Nursing School Admission Essay

The main principles of completing a nursing essay are the same as for completing any admission essay. You should be unique and creative, you should prove that you are suitable for this area, and you should have a memorable background. Let’s take a closer look to each of these maxims.

1. Uniqueness and creativeness. Every student makes attempts to stand out—however, not everyone does this in the right way. The most important thing that you should take into consideration is that you shouldn’t try to stand out by form of your appeal. This means that you shouldn’t choose a fancy type, a colored paper, or attach any pictures (if it is not asked), and doing other stuff to decorate your work. You should show your uniqueness through words. Every person has a personal style of approaching information. Show it! If you have a good sense of humor, include a couple of jokes or witty remarks. But here you should be careful to not overexert yourself.

2. Suitability for the field. After reading your essay, the selection committee should say that you are dedicated to be a nurse. However, you shouldn’t say it directly on your own. Concentrate on traits that a good nurse should have and tell about your interests and personal traits. Also, you should remember facts from your biography which prove your suitability for the field.

3. Memorable background. This item is similar to the previous — you should also tell about yourself. However, in the previous paragraph you needed to prove that you will be an outstanding nurse. Here, you should show that you are an interesting person. Tell something about yourself that will urge an admission committee to meet you — intrigue them. Choose only one fact to impress them so that they will remember it well. For example, if you organized a successful charity event in your school, just write about it in your nursing school admission essay. Also, you can write about your hobbies. Choose anything that is weird and memorable. Or, tell about outstanding achievements that concern ordinary hobbies. Be laconic.

nursing school admission essay

Special Tips for a Nursing Essay

  • Avoid clichés. What are clichés for nurses? Here are some obvious ones: “I love to care about people,” “I want to help people,” “I would like to make this world better,” and other statements of this nature. You are able to express these points through telling about specific actions. If you mention that you used to be a volunteer for a long time, people who are reading you will understand that you want to make this world better, and so on and so forth. So, exclude such statements from your essay and make it more specific by writing about the exclusive motive for your applying to this school.
  • Show your scrupulousness and neatness. Nurses should be very attentive and neat. Show this trait by organizing your essay in a proper way. Divide it into sections, make lists (where it’s appropriate), and follow the specific structure. You shouldn’t write facts about you in a chaotic order. To show your neatness, you should also check your text for mistakes for many times until you are confident it is perfect.
  • Talk about ways you can change your disadvantages. This means if you have no experience in the field at all, you should tell about your motivation and persistence to work hard. You can illustrate these traits by giving an example where your ambition helped you to achieve real goals. For example, if you were at the end of the rating list of the class and then you moved to the top, you can mention this fact.

And Finally

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