General Tips for Knowing How Does a College Paper Look Like

The college essay is the most popular type of assignment given by teachers. And it’s strange, but true—students don’t have a clear understanding when asked, “how does college paper look like?” They just think to write an essay, based on something they’ve seen on the Internet or their friend’s works. That’s why we have prepared this short, useful guide on college assignments.

How to start college paper

Pay Attention to These Points

1) Overall structure. You have probably already heard about the importance of essay structure. And you even know how this structure is supposed to look like (a five paragraph essay). However, you still find it hard to compose an essay with a clear division between introduction, main body and conclusion. Actually, this is the problem for many students: they are “all over the map,” and not concentrated on the topic. Strict structure is intended to help with this, though it makes writing even more difficult. Fortunately, we have an effective life hack for you: write your essay as it flows, and then rearrange the parts in the proper order later. You can find more detailed information on how does a college paper look like at our blog.

2) Introduction and conclusion. These two parts cause the biggest amount of problems among students. Some don’t realize how to start a college paper, and begin directly with stating their thesis and providing arguments. Others are stuck at the conclusion, and they ether have no idea what to write or continue finding more facts to back up their thesis (which is also the wrong thing to do in the conclusion). The best way to write a good conclusion or introduction is to rely on good examples. Just be careful with this piece of advice, or else you will end up plagiarizing someone else’s work.

3) Text formatting. There are two main types of academic text formatting: APA (American Psychology Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). Students often mix these styles together and get unsatisfying marks for their essays due to the fact one part of the work is formatted in MLA, and the other—in APA. The best way to avoid this is to print the list of requirements and keep it nearby. This will give you a clear understanding of how does a college paper looks like while you are formatting your assignment.

4) Language. This is, most likely, one of the hardest parts for college students. They tend to write a lot, chatting with friends and so on, but they don’t have much practice in scientific writing. That’s why they have no idea on how to start a college paper, and use slang, contradictions and other things that are inappropriate in academic writing. Well, we believe you can identify language that is unacceptable for academic papers, so what you have to do is simply proofread your work after a short break.

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Finding Help

Even with all these useful tricks, college essays and research papers are difficult to write. And it’s absolutely okay if you don’t do well in the beginning. That’s pretty obvious, since you haven’t had enough practice! But what should you do, considering that grades can actually be quite important for various reasons?

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