How to Write a Research Paper in One Day

What can be more boring than writing research papers? Actually, a lot of things, such as unwinding your earphones, looking for a needle on a shag carpet, or standing in a queue. So, if you need to complete a research paper, it’s not the worst thing that could happen to you. Cheer up and get ready for effective work! In this article, we’ll tell you how to write a research paper in one day. Follow our instructions below and you’ll be rewarded with high scores.

How to Write a Research Paper in One Day

Time Estimation

We’ve completed a time estimation for each process that you will need to do. As we already mentioned, this article is for students who are eager to cope with their task in one day. These estimations are suitable for research papers with the length up to seven pages. If your teacher specified more than seven pages, you will need to find another article in which there is information about long-term writing.

  • Research – 4 hours
  • Writing – 4 hours
  • Editing – 2 hours

As you can see, you will need to work only 10 hours out of 24. The rest of the hours you will spend on eating a meal, sleeping, and other things that you need to do. Even within these 10 hours you won’t be able to be effective all the time. The crucial thing for being effective when completing academic assignments is to take breaks between the processes. That way, you will have time to digest information and to make your opinion about it. Move to the next section to know how to write research paper step by step.

Step 1: Conducting Research

If you need to make brilliant research, you will need a lot of time that students often don’t have. Therefore, we’ll provide you with information on how to make research under the pressure of time.


Perhaps your teacher has already specified the topic so we won’t waste time on how to do that. So, how to start when you already know the topic?

  1. Find necessary sources. If you can, ask your teacher to provide you with the list of sources. If it is impossible, just google “(name of your topic) list of sources.” The optimal amount of sources will be from four to six. To make sure that specific sources are worth your attention, you can find reviews on those sources and find information about the author. Take into consideration the author’s occupation (whether it fits your field) and public recognition.
  2. Decide how you will mark necessary pieces of information. If you use only web sources, we recommend that you copy each source to a Word document so that you can color the parts of the text that you are interested in.

The Process

While exploring sources you should make notes. If you omit doing this, you will then have difficulties with looking for information that you need to use in your paper. Making research means more than just reading a lot of texts on the topic. While reading, you should mark (with a pencil if it is a book or color if it is in a Word doc) interesting views, significant facts, events, and people that concern the topic. Also, you need to find controversial views and supportive arguments for each of them so that your assignment will look objective.

writing research papers

Step 2: Writing Research Papers

After finishing research, you should start writing. Follow our instruction for what to include in each section.


Here you should explain to the reader why this topic is important for mankind or a specific group of people. You should mention scientists who worked or are working now on the development of this sphere. You may also provide the reader with the brief overview of your paper. This means that you need to provide the reader with information about what he or she should expect from this paper.


Briefly speaking, you need to show different points of view in your paper, provide each of it with arguments, and explain which of the two views you accept and why. You need to use quotes in your assignment: however, you should also express your opinion on the topic.


While writing research papers’ conclusions, you shouldn’t give unfamiliar information to readers. Your aim is to summarize points that you already mentioned, to emphasize the significance of the theme one more time, and make your predictions for the future discoveries and achievements in the field.

Step 3: Editing

After completing the whole text, you should check it thoroughly for mistakes. Do this in several steps:

  1. Check for inconsistencies. You should pay attention to whether there is a logical order in approaching information, whether there are no contradictions, and whether all data is accurate. If you are not sure about specific data, you should exclude it so that you won’t waste time.
  2. Check for grammatical mistakes. Unfortunately, students tend to repeat making the same mistakes. Pay attention to your grammatical weaknesses. If it is possible, ask someone to proofread your paper. We recommend that you ask a qualified person; however, asking an A-level student to help you is also a good choice.
  3. Check all the references. Follow the specified format properly. Don’t forget to cite every quote so that you won’t be accused of plagiarizing. Also, pay attention to font, margins, spacing, and other format requirements.

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