How to Write a Term Paper Introduction and Conclusion

Conclusions and introductions are often believed to be the hardest parts of any kind of academic writing. Scientific language is specific, and it can be challenging to find the proper words to lead your reader into your work, and then, to sum up everything you’ve said before. We will offer you some advice on how to write a term paper introduction and conclusion so that these two essential parts of an academic paper are a piece of cake for you.

How to Write a Term Paper Introduction and Conclusion

Introduction: Main Mistakes and Writing Tips

1) Start your research by announcing your thesis. At this stage, many students fall into the trap of writing a dictionary-like definition of the problem they are going to talk about. This can technically be an introduction, but it won’t be a very good one. Your readers can look up a word in the dictionary if they don’t understand the meaning. It is better to start you work by giving a broad perspective of what is going on in your scientific field. For example, you could write: “Since Einstein discovered wave-particle duality, many things have drastically changed in the field of physics.” After giving some basic details, you could move on to your particular topic.

2) Another good piece of advice on how to write a term paper introduction is to think of it as your first encounter with the reader. What would you say if you were to give a speech on your term paper topic to a broad audience? How can you grab the reader’s attention? To make this easier, you can tell someone about your research, and then ask them to tell you what part of it seemed the most astonishing and surprising. This way, you’ll get a good introduction that can involve people who don’t even relate to science.

Conclusion: How to Sum Up

From the first sight, writing a conclusion doesn’t seem like a difficult task. You just have to review what you’ve stated before and offer your readers a logical conclusion. Nevertheless, many students don’t actually know how to write a term paper conclusion. They tend to do all sorts of things instead of simply summarizing—they write about more facts to support their argument, review research of other people or even start a new topic. That shouldn’t be done in the conclusion, and what should be done is actually the following:

1) Restate the topic. This is done in order to emphasize its significance and make it easily memorable. Don’t add anything, not extra facts nor any quotes—just state your topic as you did in the introduction. Of course, you need to write it once again, don’t simply copy and paste.

2) Summarize your main points. There shouldn’t be too many of them—three to five points with a broader explanation (between one and three sentences) would be enough to make a great end for your paper. This is how to write a term paper conclusion. Looks easier than you thought, right?

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