Basics of Academic Writing: What Is a Good College Paper

Once students enter college, they face a new period of their lives. There are a lot of interesting things to discover, but there are also a lot of new demands and rules. This is especially noticeable in relation to essay writing. Many students discover that the rules have drastically changed, and things they were praised for in high school won’t catch a professor’s attention anymore.

Some students feel frustrated and give up studying, while others look for where to buy a college paper, and some keep struggling. Well, here are three main characteristics of a college paper that are totally different from those of high school papers. We hope they’ll help you to figure out how college essays should be written.

What Is a Good College Paper

What Is a Good College Paper

1) First of all, in your college paper, you are supposed to make a claim (or a thesis). In high school, students are asked to summarize what they’ve read or tell about their personal experience. However, in college, the rules are different. From now on, you will have to do more than summarize: you will have to analyze the reading, use various sources to back up your statement (claim), and draw a conclusion. It’s no surprise that students are confused by these new demands and often start looking for where to buy a college paper.

2) After you’ve clearly stated your thesis, you have to back it up with arguments. In turn, you have to back up your arguments with quotations or references from other people’s research. This part is even more important than stating the claim, since you’ve never had practice with proving your point of view (unless your school teachers gave you college-type essays). Now, you have to learn not only how to assert something you think is true, but to give enough evidence to persuade other people.

3) And finally, we have reached the most interesting part: counterarguments. Many students successfully manage writing the first two parts, but still get unsatisfying marks. They are puzzled, asking themselves: “What is a good college paper? What did I do wrong?” The answer is simple: they have forgotten about counterarguments. You may be surprised by the fact that you have to oppose and object the idea you have been trying to prove in the previous couple of paragraphs! Well, this is done not simply to make writing essays harder and more sophisticated.

By finding opposing facts and asking questions that start with a “But what if..?” you show to your readers that you can be mistaken, and that your statements are incomplete and imperfect, and may be opposed or developed. This is what science is all about — discussing your thoughts publicly. This fact can be hard to realize at first, so there’s nothing wrong if you look for some college essay help.

Where to Get Help

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