How to Write an Academic Essay When You Are a Bad Writer

Despite numerous teachers’ attempts to teach students to write, many of them remain bad writers for the whole lives. There are several reasons why students can’t improve their writing skills for a long period of time, but we will talk about them later. Now, you should find out what this article is about. In further sections, you’ll find information on how to improve your writing skills and how to write an academic essay when you lack time. Be quick to move further!

How to Write an Academic Essay When You Are a Bad Writer

Possible Reasons Why You Are Not Able to Write Well

  1. Low motivation. Writing essays is part and parcel of the educational process. However, teachers seldom explain to students how this type of academic task will help them in real life. The brain is a lazy thing. You can’t make it work properly if you don’t provide it with “fuel” in the form of a well-defined aim and a strong motivation.
  2. Self-consciousness. Some students feel confused when expressing their real opinions. The problem of many adolescents is that that they often feel shy for being themselves. Many teens try to pretend to be other people with different characteristics. And they don’t understand one very important thing: our power is in our uniqueness.
  3. Lack of practice. If you don’t have the ability to practice writing, you won’t be good at it. Practice is a crucial part of mastering any skill. Regular repetition of a certain activity helps you to cope with this activity faster and easier.
  4. Bad experience. Some students experienced public humiliation when a teacher explained their mistakes in class. Making mistakes is a natural part of the process of learning. No one is perfect — only robots don’t make mistakes. But wait — even they do.:) One bad experience in academic essay writing often stops students from improving their skills. However, you should remember the previous point: you can’t be a better writer without practice.

Are these points familiar to you? This is not the full list of possible reasons. We presented only the most common. Out of these four points, perhaps, the most important is motivation. Without it you won’t be able to fight other stumbling blocks. Therefore, we would like to talk about motivation apart from other reasons.

How to Become Highly Motivated to Be a Better Writer?

You should find your own motives for why you need to attain a certain level of mastery in writing. However, we can direct you a little. We’ve prepared a list with motivations that encourage other people to work hard in the hope that these items will work for you too.


  • Having the ability to get well-paid temporary positions. Nowadays, there are a lot of offers for freelance writers. If being a writer is not your aim, this doesn’t mean that you can’t work as a writer temporary while looking for other positions. Typically, writing tasks from an employer are well-paid. Thus all depends on the client and specificities of work. So, strong writing skills can be an anchor for you during your whole life.
  • Learning and working in organisations of your dreams. Most higher educational affiliations demand motivation letters. Before the admission committee sees you personally, they need to make sure that you are worth their attention. Therefore, a brilliant letter is the only tool that you have to strike them. Even if you are a great specialist in your field with a great potential, you can fail easily because your poor writing skills. The same thing is true with job positions.
  • Mastering a profession that is connected to writing. Many professions demands strong writing skills. We won’t even name all of them because the list is too long. However, if you know that you would like to receive a degree in a specific field that needs strong writing skills, do not hesitate to improve them!
  • Having an all-around mind. Being good in many activities is great! By developing skills of diverse kinds, you become a broad-minded person. Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci was a great painter, mathematician, an engineer, an architect and even a writer? Can we call him an outstanding person on the whole? Definitely!
  • Increasing your public status. People that are good at expressing their thoughts always are popular among other people. Eloquence is the main mean of politicians and lawyers. Thousands of years ago, when the writing systems weren’t organized, people developed their skills of announcing speeches. Nowadays, in the era of blogs and online press, we can influence other people through written words, and we should develop our ability to express opinions in written form.

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Academic Essay Writing: Improve Your Skills

In this section, we are going to provide you with recommendations on how to improve your writing skills.

  1. Don’t compare your works to others. When we are saying “don’t compare” we mean that you shouldn’t decry yourself for being worse than other writers. Of course, you should read other works, but try to evaluate your writings separately from other works.
  2. Expand your vocabulary constantly. Learning five new words a day is a good tempo. Also, you should pay attention to synonyms. When you find out a new word, try to use it in a sentence on the same day so that you won’t forget it. As an alternative method, you can write new words down in a special vocabulary for new words, nice phrases and other things that will develop your ability to write well.
  3. Keep a diary or blog. As we already mentioned, practice is crucial for improving skills. One of the easiest ways to practice writing is keeping a diary. That way, you’ll practice writing without someone’s evaluation of your skills. Or you can create your blog page and write anonymously. You should do it way if you need someone’s evaluation. Anyway, both ways are very good for practice.
  4. Read books on diverse topics. This will help you to expand your vocabulary, to adopt the manner of building sentences, to broad your mind and to spend time interestingly. Read books on different topics and of different kinds so that you become an erudite person. You shouldn’t focus only on works of fiction. Read also scholarly books, articles and other types of works.

How to Write an Academic Essay When You Lack Time

All students are always short of time and it doesn’t matter whether they are good at writing or not. We would like to provide you with tips on how to save your time while writing essays. Be quick to get acquainted with our tips!

  • Have breaks between activities. Typically, the process of essay writing includes research, writing and revising. You should have breaks between these processes so that you regain your energy. If you have a lot of assignments to do at once, you can switch from one to another. By switching activities you give your brain the opportunity to relax. Thus you’ll work more effectively as a result.
  • Don’t turn on the music. Many students do their tasks to music which is not good for their effectiveness. When you listen to music, you become distracted anyway, even if it is a familiar song. The only music that can influence positively your effectiveness is classical music. However, you should try yourself to make sure.
  • Don’t get stuck at one activity for too long. All the activities should be approximately equal to each other. If you have only two hours to write an academic essay and you are conducting the research for already one hour, move to writing immediately! Otherwise, you won’t be able to send your essay on time.
  • Restrict the quantity of sources that you use. Before starting your research, you should think about the amount of sources that you will use. You will succeed to write an original essay if you use more than three sources. Anyway, don’t take more than five sources if you have less than one day to complete an essay.

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