Bare Truth: You Should Know This About Being a Writer

How is it to be a writer? It’s to get up late in the morning, drink coffee with a chocolate croissant, walk in the park with a dog and find inspiration in nature. However, there’s another side of the coin. “Being a writer” is also to read dozens of books, to have a great memory, to forget about confusion and to work hard, really hard.

Bare Truth: You Should Know This About Being a Writer

How to Decide?

Would you like to become a writer? If yes, you need to know more about this profession. We’ve prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages in the hope that it helps you with your choice.


  • You have a flexible timetable. Since the first grade of school, most people hate to get up early, except morning people, of course. There are days when you feel bound to bed and have no energy to get up at all. Writers can afford such a luxury to get up when they want and work until late night. Also, they have the ability to travel a lot because they don’t need to stay at one place to write. So, if such a freedom captivates you a lot, this is a good idea to become a writer.
  • You improve your memory. As writers read a lot, they need to memorize it so that they could use this information in their works. This way, writers train their memory and improve it.
  • You have an opportunity to widen your mental horizons. The brain is a lazy thing. When you do the same work every day, your brain switches you to “autopilot” and you don’t think a lot about what you are doing. You do everything automatically. However, this rule doesn’t work when you do something new all the time. Writers have an opportunity to widen their mental horizons because their job is creative and it can’t be done in automatic mode.
  • You become smarter. This point is similar to the previous one, but it’s a bit different. This item concerns erudition. Writers need to read a lot, communicate with people of diverse professions and have experiences that are connected to their literary work. Each literary work needs a new package of knowledge. Therefore, writers usually are very smart and live their lives actively.


  • You don’t have permanent earnings. Before selling your writings to a publishing office, you need to convince the editor that you work is worth publishing. If no one wants to publish it, you can feel miserable. Creating literary works is like a lottery — you never know where, when and how much you’ll win. So, if you don’t have enough savings or don’t have a permanent job, you should think twice before becoming a writer, at least, for now.
  • You need to reread your work all the time to improve it. Even if you are fed up with your text, you must reread it to make it perfect. Also, you need to save several drafts of your work so that you can compare them and decide which is better.
  • You need to write without inspiration to meet the deadline. When you have the order from a publisher, you need to complete it within the specified deadline. Unfortunately, you can’t be inspired all the time to write day and night. You also need to have rest and you can do this. However, sometimes it’s not enough time to get inspired again. This will definitely reflect on your work.

If after reading our list, you still think of being a writer, you should read the next section to find out whether you possess necessary skills for this profession.

Skills for Becoming a Good Writer

  1. Creativity. This skill concerns your ability to write. Some people call it “innate talent,” but the reality is that you don’t know what your potential is for certain. Before claiming that you are not able to write at all, you should check this. Try to complete a short story or an essay. Consider that you should make several attempts before giving up your tries. Also, you should know that there are technics for better writing, but we’ll talk about them later.
  2. Attentiveness. You need to be very attentive because you’ll have to perceive a lot of information that can be useful for your creation. Also, you need to revise your work frequently and find inconsistencies and other mistakes.
  3. Non-stereotypic thinking. To create a plot that is interesting for people, you should think different. That way, you’ll be able to surprise your readers and keep intrigue till the end. If you want to get rid of stereotypical thinking, you should become a critic. You should always try to find new ideas in old statements.
  4. Persistence. As we already mentioned, writers don’t earn money permanently. After several unsuccessful attempts to sell your books, you might stop your tries. Only those who are persistent by nature or are strongly motivated can stand out after failures.

Do you possess some of the listed characteristics? If you are having problems with creativity and non-stereotypic thinking, we’ll be glad to help you. Read the next sections.

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How to Develop Outside-the-Box Thinking?

Tip #1: Change your customs from time to time

We don’t mean dramatic changes like changing a religion or anything of this nature. We are talking about things that you do every day. For example, you can try a new way to a place that you visit often, taste an unusual sort of tea, watch a film in a genre that you usually don’t like, wear unordinary clothes and so on. When you experience new impressions, you think untypically.

Tip #2: Expand your social circle

Many people get used to communicating only with certain groups of people — their family, school and college friends, neighbours, and colleagues. It’s very difficult for most people to go out of their “circle,” their “comfort zone” and talk to other people. Authors write about diverse characters. Therefore, you need to know how different groups of people live. Try to find new acquaintances among people of different professions and social positions.

Tip #3: Keep a diary

When you are walking the street, driving a car, or drinking a cup of tea in a cafeteria, you usually think about your life and life in general. Sometimes interesting and untypical thoughts cross your mind, but you don’t memorize them. To avoid this, you should make notes with your ideas from time to time. Also, you need to keep a diary because it will help you to organize your thoughts. When you feel that you have a great mess in your head, just sit down and write. Personal diaries sometimes can even substitute a session with your psychologist.

Tips for Better Writing

Thinking the unordinary and writing interestingly are different things. Even if you don’t think inside the box, this doesn’t give you a guarantee that you’ll write well. Therefore, we would like to talk about the ways of better writing apart from non-stereotypic thinking.

  • Observe other people’s reactions to your words. You need to find out what you are good at. There are basic feelings that you can call to other people. They are sadness, joy, and fear. When you are telling stories to you friends, notice how they react. If you can cause someone’s laughter, you probably should write a comedy. If you can easily move someone’s heart, perhaps you’ll be good at dramas.
  • Try to write in different genres. If you wrote a detective story and other people say that it is literary garbage, you shouldn’t be disappointed. This doesn’t mean that you are an awful writer. Perhaps, you need to try another genre — for example, comedy.
  • Make it your habitude to complete works to the end. As all people of creative professions, writers can be too impulsive now and then. When they don’t like what they’ve written, they are tempted to destroy it. However, it’s not the best decision. You don’t have to publish everything that you write. You just need to practice writing, especially completed works. They can be even very short, but they should contain a completed plot.

Asking for Help

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