How to Write My Essay: Unexpected Tips

Though this may seem strange and unfair, students that are not connected to humanities still have to write essays. Moreover, teachers don’t often pay attention to each student’s individual skills and needs—everyone is assigned with exactly the same task. That is why “how to write my essay for college” has recently become one of the most popular search queries, and cheap essay writing services are rapidly gaining popularity. So, you are assigned an essay which you try avoid writing at any cost. Have you thought of turning this process into a more effective and useful one instead of simply procrastinating until the deadline, and then writing whatever comes out in an hour and a half?

How to Write My Essay

How to Write an Essay by Not Writing an Essay

If you were assigned a personal essay, you are the lucky one. Since this is the least restricted one among the types of essays, you can play a nice trick: pretend you are writing a blog post or a letter to your pen-friend. The person on the other side of the globe you are exchanging letters with knows nothing about you, and you have to show your character, personal values, and most prominent life experience in one long e-mail (or letter, if you are more romantic). This is exactly what a personal essay is. Next time, before you google “how to write my essay,” think of this fun and easy trick and try to compose some paragraphs on your own at first.

Writing an argumentative or expository essay is harder than a personal one, but we have a good life hack for you. Fist of all, ask yourself a simple question: “What should I write my essay about?” Once you have decided on the topic, read a lot of information about it (articles, blogs, magazines, research reports—everything is suitable), and then start doing some routine work. You can start cooking, cleaning up or watering flowers. Why is easy and routine work good for writing essays? After you have gathered loads of information (even if you don’t remember what exactly you have read, your subconscious does), your brain starts to process it. And in this case nothing is better than a simple action that does not draw too much attention to the process. You won’t even notice when great ideas start coming to your mind.

And finally, when you have no idea on “how to write my essay for college,” take a little break. Try not to overthink the topic you have to write about. Excessive information consumption and mind effort will make your brain numb rather than creative. Let your thoughts flood like a current of water and try to simply register what is going on instead of getting involved. For example, you may try free writing. Take a sheet of paper, write “how to write my essay” on the top of it and start recording everything that comes to your mind. If your mind has turned blank, you can still use an effective trick. Write something like “I have no idea what I’m doing,” or “I hate writing essays” and so on, and soon thoughts will start filling your head again.

And finally, it’s the concentration trick. Certainly, you have heard about the Pomodoro and similar kinds of techniques of alternating periods of high concentration and rest. Find the most suitable for you, get ready for writing (mute all notifications, close the door to your room or turn on some music) and start with the “what should I write my essay about” question. Now you know how to handle it from the previous life hack explanation.

Write easily! And remember, you can always find help at WritingCheap if necessary. 😉