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Why Is Homeopathy Not a Science?

Medical School Essays Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a relatively new type of alternative medicine popularized in the mid 70-s by Samuel Hahnemann (SMITH, 2012). Although homeopathic medications are used by millions of patients earning millions of dollars for its practitioners in USA alone, doctors take a dim view of the homeopathic treatment ways and regard it as pseudoscience (Smith, 2012). A lot of scientists and doctors in academic circles maintain that homeopathy is a belief that is wrongly and falsely presented as scientific (Smith, 2012).

Despite that, millions of people are positive about the effects of homeopathy and believe that it may cure a disease in much the same as pharmaceutical drugs and recognized medicine. Proponents of homeopathy choose to turn a deaf ear to criticism and remain adamant about their belief in the efficacy of homeopathy. Many homeopathy advocates maintain that their belief has a scientific background, although this can’t be further from the truth.

There are many ways to prove that homeopathy is not a science. To start with, research and studies found that homeopathy is not more effective and a placebo effect (Sehon & Stanley, 2009). In other words, most of the so-called miraculous recoveries related to non-severe diseases which required no medical intervention. Secondly, there are no plausible and proved theories explaining how homeopathy could be applied in academic circles and whether the treatment might be effective. More worryingly there is not enough empirical evidence backed up by studies and research to illustrate the effectiveness of homeopathy (Sehon & Stanley, 2009).

Finally, committed homeopaths admit that there is no theory that could back up the hypothesis of homeopathic mechanism in action (Sehon & Stanley, 2009). The practitioners acknowledge that, although they have been practicing it for years, they still could not provide viable answers, which could form a scientific basis for homeopathy.

Perhaps the increased popularity of homeopathy nowadays may be accounted for patients’ dissatisfaction with the current state of medical care. Many people are looking for alternative ways and some choose to immerse deeply in non-orthodox treatment in search of cure. Even without proof and scientific evidence of being a science, homeopathy to this day shows no signs of fading.

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