What a College Essay Should Look Like

At some point during their course of studies, many students find themselves asking: “Is a college essay important? Why should I write them nearly every week?” Some people argue that essays and other kinds of academic assignments are very important, since they develop your writing skills and your ability to convey your thoughts in a coherent and clear way. Others say that you can learn this skill aside from writing essays, and that college assignments are just a waste of time. If you are puzzled by these controversial opinions, here are some arguments for and against.

What a College Essay Should Look Like

Why Essays Are Good

1) They help to develop your research skills. When you are trying to figure out what college essay should look like or how to find some evidence for your arguments, you are improving your research skills. You may ask: “But why do I need those research skills if I’m not going to become a professional scholar afterward?” Well, the truth is that you will be asked to do research (or some kind of it) for nearly any position you are going to take. What is a report for your boss on market evaluation for a certain period of time? It’s research based on primary and secondary sources, just the same as you’ve been asked to do in your college.

2) When you start puzzling over a question like “is a college essay important,” think of another important skill you are developing while doing this kind of assignment. If you don’t have this skill, you can’t communicate properly in the modern word! Of course, we are talking about the art of writing itself. You need good writing skills for both your future career and personal life. So next time you are assigned an essay, think of it as a valuable chance to develop your skills.

Why Essays Are Bad

1) No one actually explains to you what a college essay should look like. Yes, professors give you the list of demands and formatting rules, but when it comes to writing, you realize you have no idea what to start with or how to prove your arguments. Since writing is perceived as something innate, especially by scholars who have been doing it for 15 years or more, you don’t receive any proper explanation or examples of how these assignments should be done. And a trial-and-error method is not very effective in education. That is why many students choose to buy college essays online after several unsuccessful attempts.

2) You are not asked to write about what you are interested in. Indeed, we all like to talk about our passions. Even someone who is only acclimated to engineering will be able to describe his or her thoughts in an understandable way — of course, after a little practice. But will this engineer be able to describe something that is connected with literature or history, if he or she is absolutely not interested in it? Obviously, the answer is no. Perhaps the main reason students keep asking “is a college essay important” is that they can’t see the importance on their own. College assignments seem irrelevant and boring because they are nowhere near each student’s field of interests. To understand and realize the importance of college essays you should read our article — It’s Time to Realize How Important College Essays Are.

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