When to Write a College Essay If You Don’t Have Much Time

There’s a famous psychological phenomenon that politicians and public speakers often use to give the impression they want. The trick is this: “the beginning and the end are the parts that will be remembered.” Of course, that doesn’t imply people will miss everything you’ve said in between, but the end and the beginning are two parts that are the easiest to remember. That means you have to make them the most influential and content-filled parts of your work. In this article we are particularly going to discuss how to end a college essay.

How to end college essay

The Power of a Conclusion

If you look through other posts on this blog, you’ll easily find out why the introduction is so important. For example, you can read the article on How to Start College Essays. But what about the conclusion? Should you just summarize everything you’ve said before? Should you add something new?

The answers to these questions depend heavily on the type of the paper you are writing. If your goal is to impress the admission officers by telling about your incredible experiences, the best way for how to end a college essay is to draw some inspiring conclusions. For example, you may say that all the situations you’ve described above taught you how to overcome difficulties and manage your life, and that’s why you are a perfect candidate to be admitted to the college.

If you are writing a research paper or an argumentative essay, refrain from including your feelings and impressions, but you are welcome to show your opinion. However, it shouldn’t look like this: “I think this research is boring.” Even if you think so, you have to choose an appropriate word for scientific texts and prove your point of view.

Perfect Timing

Another important topic that bothers students from the very beginning of each term is when to write a college essay. There’s no doubt you will be assigned dozens of essays soon, so maybe there’s a way to prepare? Well, you can’t write your assignments in advance not knowing the topic, but what you can do is get ready with writing some drafts. This also will be a very useful writing exercise to boost your skills.

No doubt, every day you encounter an interesting thought or a controversial post on Facebook that makes you think, and then share and discuss with your friends. What we are going to suggest is slightly more difficult than these routine activities: instead of writing a comment or sharing with a friend, write several paragraphs showing your opinion on a particular matter. After a few weeks of practice, make the task even more difficult: now you have to write two paragraphs for, and two against. And finally, the last stage of your training includes a very helpful thing that will give you an understanding of how to end a college essay: as weird as it may sound, you will have to write a conclusion to a Facebook post.

What If I Need Help

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