Why Everyone Should Take Writing Courses

You’ve probably seen articles that say how important writing is a thousand times or even more. We use writing in everyday communication with family, friends and at work, so it’s a good idea to improve your skills to communicate your ideas and feelings better. More than that, thinking and writing are similar processes, because both of them use language – so, by improving our writing abilities we also improve our brain power. Apart from that, there are also some subtle benefits to taking writing courses, and we are going to talk about them in this article.

Why Everyone Should Take Writing Courses

Write It Down

There are a lot of obvious benefits to taking writing courses. You learn how to organize your thoughts and express your feelings and your GPA is rising and stress level is falling. Even if you are not a student, people suddenly start understanding your better, and you have fewer issues expressing your opinions and explaining your ideas. But there are a lot of benefits that are not so obvious for attending a writing course, and we have organized just a short list of them. Take it from us: once you start the course, you will find a lot more time and big things that were beneficial specifically for you.

1) Your life becomes more organized.
Did you know that writing was invented in order to make a list of goods shipped from one Phoenician city to another? Basically, we owe our writing to ancient invoices which kept merchants from forgetting and stealing things, and writing is still great at dealing with these functions. Get yourself a fancy notebook, download a minimalistic app, cover your working place with stickers – choose the strategy you like, but writing things down really helps in keeping your thoughts organized.

2) Impress everyone.
We are not sure that there’s a writing course which will make you better at snapchatting and twittering (but we are sure that they will emerge soon), but there are definitely courses that can make you a master of e-mails or academic articles. Sure, you don’t need to write that every day, but that will be your secret superpower, which may work very well one day. And knowing that you can slay at academic or other kinds of official writing will make you feel a little bit more confident. We all like to know that we are smarter than others. 😉

3) Help your brain grow.
Seriously, it has been proven that learning something new that is unrelated to your current job or studying course makes your brain’s gyri grow! This means that your memory capacity, creativity and other complicated brain functions are increasing. And the ability to grow your brain’s gyri is pretty cool on its own, huh? At first this will be difficult, especially if you have little experience of writing essays and other reflective papers, but gradually the process will become more and more easy, until it turns into something nearly automatic. And that’s when people will start saying that you are gifted, but you know that this is 99% work and your brain gyri growing! 🙂

4) You will gain calmness and creativity.
You know that meditation is useful. You know it so well that you get irritated when someone mentions meditation and yoga, because you can do neither. We feel your pain, and we know how to help. Writing courses can actually make you better at concentration, meditation or both. Even if not, it’s a well-known fact that the exercise of free writing is a form of meditation in itself, and it helps to overcome writer’s block and increase creativity. So forget about your subscription to a yoga blog and get enrolled into a good writing course!

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5) There are fun people to meet.
If you are going to any kind of activity that is not your job, you will meet new people. And there’s high chance these people will be interesting, because they are investing their money and time in development and learning new things. We don’t say you will like everyone, but you may find a couple of good friends there. Or, at least, get acquainted with promising writers and other creative people to be the first one of their fans and (which is important) friends. Not so bad for a simple writing course, right?

6) Gain immunity to criticism.
We all hate being criticized, especially when the critical opinion (if it can be called so) is destructive and offensive. Taking a writing course is inseparable from hearing critics, and not only the tolerable “Zen” types. At first, it may leave you ruminating about what is wrong with you or with that person, but gradually you will become used to the fact that there are people who neither want to change their opinion nor listen to yours, and it’s not your job to persuade them. This is a very useful mindset, indeed, especially in our world where everyone is trying to shove their opinion in your face.

7) Gain acceptance of other people’s opinions.
We are hard-wired to stand our ground, and this is why the Internet has been turned into a place (well, not a place, since it doesn’t exist in the material sense) of constant quarrels, fighting over different issues and “expressing your opinion” by harassing people. You can find anything – literally any article or video that has a decent amount of views to collect more than ten people, and one of these people will leave a highly negative comment. Once you take up a writing course, you will learn to express your opinion firmly, yet politely, and not yell at your opponent that he or she is stupid. And the art of leading an argument has been appreciated since ancient times. If you don’t have time to visit courses but you would like to write better, read our article on how to write better and follow our tips!

Have you ever tried writing courses? What did you like and dislike about them the most? Share your experiences in the comments section and help others finally set their minds and register for a course.