Best Topics for College Psychology Papers

A lot of secrets of the human brain are still undisclosed. Scientists have tried to look behind the curtain of our mind for ages but they still have lots of questions about processes that are happening in our minds. However, mankind has achieved significant progress in this field for the last thirty years. Therefore, if you are studying psychology in an educational affiliation, it won’t be difficult for you to find appropriate information for your psychology papers. In this article, we are going to discuss specificities of assignments for the discipline and we will also provide you with interesting topics that you can use for your academic papers.

Best Topics for College Psychology Papers

Problems You Might Face When Completing Psychology Papers

  1. Difficulties with finding respondents (for surveys, experiments or anything of this nature.) When you need to complete a psychology research paper you will probably have to involve other people in your research. If you won’t find respondents that you need on time, you won’t be able to complete your paper.
    Note: Actually, you can plagiarize the results of experiments but we insist that you avoid doing this. Firstly, your instructor will understand this and you’ll fail. Secondly, you should get used to involving other people if you are going to become a psychologist.
    Our advice: Make online surveys so that respondents can fill the forms via any gadget. That way, it will get necessary results earlier.
  2. Subjectivity. Psychology is not a technical discipline. You don’t have special vehicles that are able to measure the level of a human’s feelings. We don’t say that they don’t exist. However, you probably won’t have the ability to use them. Therefore, you can rely only on your eyes, ears, and mind.
    Our advice: When you need to conduct an experiment, avoid using only qualitative methods that increase the level of subjectivity.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

We have prepared amazing topics so that you won’t need to look for a good topic for ages. Get acquainted with them below.

  1. The specificities of the process of children’s ethnical identity development.
  2. The consequences of a mother’s experience of abortion for the born children.
  3. The influence of hypnosis on people of different age and sex groups.
  4. The process of adaption to ordinary life of people with HIV.
  5. Common character traits of victims of sexual abuse and their torturers.
  6. Differences in attitude about education between generations Y and Z.
  7. Ways to prevent teen suicide.
  8. How does school bullying affect career achievements of the victims?
  9. The influence of ethical identity on the age of getting married.
  10. Do multiple murderers have common experiences in their childhood?
  11. The influence of bipolar disorder of a spouse on the marriage.
  12. Reasons for the adolescent experience of panic attacks.
  13. Being homeless: a person’s choice or an inescapable situation?
  14. The pros and cons for the eight-hour working day according to the latest research of brain activity.
  15. The specificities of breeding a child in the family where parents speak different native languages.
  16. Psychosomatic headaches that pregnant woman have during pregnancy.
  17. Dangerous consequences of latent depression.
  18. Is imparting sexual education to children effective to prevent teenage pregnancy?
  19. The influence on gender identity to memory functions.
  20. Ways to reduce stress in the terms of military conflict.

You can choose any of these psychology research paper topics depending on your interests and time you have to complete your assignment. Also, you should take into consideration the complexity of research. For example, if you choose the topic that concerns teenagers it will be easier for you to find respondents. But if you choose the topic about pregnant women you might face some troubles looking for them.

We recommend that you accord the topic with your instructor anyway. He or she will estimate time that you need to complete specific research more accurately than you.

psychology research paper


  • If you weren’t recommended a list of sources you should look for them on the websites of other educational affiliations. It would be great if you take sources that are listed on the websites of prestigious colleges/universities.
  • Write about the results of each experiment right after you’ve conducted it. If you put off doing this you can forget essential details. Also, you should record people when they are your respondents. However, you need to ask permission for this.
  • Appeal to information about research that was conducted only by official institutions. Don’t rely on research done by “home” scientists.
  • When writing a psychology research paper it is obligatory to organize your paper properly. Separate the theoretical (where you display scientists’ research) and practical parts (where you describe your experiments or suggestions).

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