How to Write a Definition Essay in Six Steps

What do these words —“love,” “dignity,” and “indolence” — have in common? While you are wondering “where’s the catch?” we just want to tell you that all of them are abstract notions. Now, we are not going to explain to you what each word means or give you samples with these words. We would like to explain to you how to write a definition essay. Some students think writing this type of essay is too simple, others — too difficult, but the truth lies in between.

How to Write a Definition Essay in Six Steps

Among all possible academic assignments, this one is not the most difficult because it allows you to express your opinion and doesn’t demand presenting strong arguments (which sometimes are difficult to find). However, you will still need to make effort to complete a top-notch essay, and we’ll try to help you with this.

How to Write a Definition Essay?

Step 1: Write the first draft

It may sound a bit weird but the first step is actually to write. When you work on this type of essay, you should understand what the term that you are writing about means for you. Of course, you shouldn’t reveal the meaning of such things as “table” or “lamp.” When you choose the topic, it should be an abstract notion. So, write the first draft in one sitting. Don’t worry about anything, just write. The first draft can be dramatically different from the last one. Now, your purpose is to reveal your understanding of the notion that hides somewhere in your mind.

Step 2: Gain ideas from books

We don’t mean only books. Find quotations, articles, poems, or any other types of works that were created by famous people. And it is not obligatory to appeal to famous writers. You can look for politicians’, actors’, musicians’, and artists’ views on your issue. The most engaging views and quotes you should write down so that you can use them later.

You can cite opinions of famous people or use them as a source of ideas for your extended definition essay. However, you shouldn’t plagiarize. Keep in mind that your teacher would like to read your original thoughts. Therefore, even if you use some quotes, try to give your personal interpretation. You can be fond of a celebrity’s quotation, but this doesn’t guarantee that you absolutely agree with it. If you do not agree with any part of the quote you should definitely write about it without feeling embarrassed.

Caution: if you look for quotes on the Web, beware of knock-offs. It is very popular today to post silly and trivial quotations and write the name of a famous person as the author, though he/she is not really the author.

Step 3: Look for more information

Typically, essays should be completed in a couple of days. Therefore, you won’t have time for reading books or any other extended works. So, we suggest you use the alternative source of the information: watch films and listen to music. You can find movies and songs that are related to your topic somehow. This will help you to immerse yourself in the topic. You will then be able to express your opinion easily.

extended definition essay

Step 4: Take a break

If you would like to complete an amazing extended definition essay, you should take some time to calm down. This type of essay you can easily complete in two days without a lot of effort. The first day you can dedicate to looking for quotes and watching films. The second day should be for writing. Your ideas will be better verbalized after a break. If you need to complete an essay for tomorrow, you should take a break at least for an hour. This time you can devote to completing another task.

Step 5: Complete the second draft

We recommend that you complete this draft without rereading your first draft. That way, you’ll have more chances to produce new ideas. When the second draft is ready you can read the first one and add anything from it to the second. What should you include in your extended definition essay?

  1. Your view at the notion that you chose. You should start with the short intro and right after that, give your definition of the term. The definition should be extended (containing several parts). You will then reveal each part in different paragraphs.
  2. The examples from life. You need to demonstrate the meaning of this concept for people in general. Is this notion important for society?
  3. Famous people’s opinions. You should give opinions to illustrate your thoughts. Make sure that you cite them properly.
  4. A conclusion. Each essay has this part. Here you need to repeat briefly your thoughts and make predictions for the development of this concept.

Step 6: Edit

You should divide the process of editing to several staging points. Firstly, you should edit the sense of your text. At this staging point, you need to include or exclude some sentences or words, change their position, change words themselves if they sound bad, and divide your text into the appropriate amount of paragraphs. Secondly, you should edit inconsistencies (if they take place in your text). Make sure that you follow one style. Also, you need to check citations. Thirdly, you should pay attention to grammar.

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