Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Creative Writing Courses

It’s hard to count how many creative writing courses appear every year. Some of them feature famous writers, others revolve around a businessman’s strategy, and some promise to make you a Pulitzer prize winner within a year. Of course, those are ads which the sole aim is to lure you into paying for the course, but can they actually be useful? Yes, they can!

creative writing course

We strongly believe that everyone who is somehow related to writing (and we all are, thanks to social media) should take at least a basic creative writing course. Why? Here are just a couple of reasons, but if you are determined to do full-scale research, we are sure that you will find many more.

Creative Writing = Creative Thinking

Do you know that language is not a result of thinking, but just the opposite? Thanks to knowing a language, we are able to think. It’s a proven fact that feral children, who were deprived of an opportunity to learn any human language, can barely adapt to society and often don’t learn how to talk at all.

So, the silver lining is that language and mental functions are inseparable. And the good news is that by improving your language abilities you are also improving your memory capacity, the ability of generating cool ideas and solving problems. Isn’t that a cool effect for a simple creative writing course? A simple and fun course, which you can take online without leaving the comfort of your chair, will help you think out of the box.

Ability to Convey Your Thoughts Precisely

We all have moments when our minds are so tired and worn out that we start to talk like there’s only 10 words in the language, and they are “this,” “it,” “there” and some other pronouns. But we are sure you have also been through a moment when you spent 20 minutes on explaining some difficult question, and your listener didn’t understand you. Or, you had an amazing, enlightening experience after visiting a Buddhist temple, but the only words you can find are “Wow… Cool!”

It’s totally okay as long as you can communicate your feelings through facial expressions when talking in person to a close friend, but what can you do if your listener (or, in this case, reader) cannot see you? The treasures of language can save you in such a situation, and taking a couple of creative writing courses is the easiest way to increase your language competence, and definitely the most fun.

Quick Wit

Have you ever dreamed to become a person that blurts jokes and puns as if he or she has a database updated every day inside their heads? And those are not some old-school jokes that have been circulating in the Internet for ages, their jokes are always fresh, brand-new and connected to the situation. These jokes are like a fresh macaroon cookie: if you leave them for the next day, they will lose the delicious flavor.

You’ve already got the point, right? A good creative writing course can turn you into the person known for hilarious puns. Plus, you may become the best essay writer in the class, which is also a nice bonus, if you are still a student. Who wouldn’t like to be famous as a funny and intelligent person?

You Will Nail Every Written Work

creative writing courses

And the obvious reason, in case you haven’t thought of it, is that you will be unbeatable in writing after taking even basic creative writing courses. Mostly, people don’t perceive writing as something you should be taught. This belief is especially popular among those who have never worked with professional writing, as editors, bloggers or professors. They have somehow survived essay writing in college and breathed in relief when college ended. They did not expect, however, that our life is full of interactions via written text, and it’s importance is increasing with every year.

Work emails, greeting cards, questions on forums and item reviews you post in the Internet shop are all written. Even your texting with your family and friends falls in the realm of writing. We ask for charity help, promote our services and find friends while communicating through written messages in the Internet. Imagine what an impact you can make if you learn better and more efficient writing techniques. Maybe you will discover a dormant talent, and your life will change completely.

A Fun and Useful Thing to Do

Even if you won’t win a Pulitzer and your book won’t be listed as a bestseller, self-improvement is fun. You learn something new, meet different people and gain experience. More than that, writing is a useful skill anyway. Humanity is likely to rely on written text more and more as the Internet and technologies are developing. It’s like cooking: you won’t cook delicacies for dinner every day, but when the moment comes, you will impress everyone with your skills.

Besides, if you have ever googled something like “how to become productive,” you have probably noticed that almost every guide, article or piece of advice from a famous guru contains a writing activity. Some advise you to try free writing in the morning, others think that keeping a diary helps, and some prefer quick and short planning. We cannot say that writing skills are what make you successful, but they are undeniably an important part of the process.

More than that, in the era of the Internet you don’t even need to leave your room – choose the most appealing from dozens of the courses and writing schools available online, and let your new talent shine. The way we write has a great impact on our lives, so make your writing stand out and make your personality noticeable in any condition, be it work email, a text to a friend or an answer on a forum.

Here you can also find some creative writing tips that will help to reveal your talent.