Medical School Essays: Homeopathy

Why Is Homeopathy Not a Science?

Medical School Essays Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a relatively new type of alternative medicine popularized in the mid 70-s by Samuel Hahnemann (SMITH, 2012). Although homeopathic medications are used by millions of patients earning millions of dollars for its practitioners in USA alone, doctors take a dim view of the homeopathic treatment ways and regard it as pseudoscience (Smith, 2012). A lot of scientists and doctors in academic circles maintain that homeopathy is a belief that is wrongly and falsely presented as scientific (Smith, 2012). Continue reading Medical School Essays: Homeopathy

Historical Analysis Sample: The Battle of Stalingrad

Why Was Conquering Stalingrad So Crucial for Germany Strategy in WWII?

The battle of Stalingrad was a crucial point of strategy for Germany and the central powers in World War II, because the capture of Stalingrad would have expanded German rule into southern Russia and destroyed any form of transportation southern Russia had with northern Russia over the Volga River. Unfortunately for Germany, the battle of Stalingrad did not go as planned. The Soviet Union defeated German troops and managed to stop German advancement into Russia. explains how important the Battle of Stalingrad was in the bigger picture of the War. “This monumental battle is justly considered a turning point in the war on the Eastern Front and one of the most crucial engagements of World War II.” Continue reading Historical Analysis Sample: The Battle of Stalingrad

The Odyssey Review Sample: Personification

What are the brightest examples of personification found in Homer’s “The Odyssey”?

In nowadays literature world personification is defined as attribution of humanlike qualities to non-human objects. Contemporary and long-recognized authors commonly use this technique in their writings. Moreover, until recently, personification was directly linked to allegory (Paxson, 1994), so the most antique works of literature can be now associated with this writing method. One of those works is Homer’s Odyssey, which is filled with several personifications. Continue reading The Odyssey Review Sample: Personification

How to Start College Essays and Get to Your Dream College

How long college essays should be and why is it necessary to set boundaries, are two factors that students should in mind when writing an admission essay. Many students think limiting their work makes essays harder to write. But actually this can make it easier if you observe the issue from another point of view. Admission officers complained about lengthy essays with no clear focus or conclusion drawn by authors, and then it was decided to restrict essays to a length of 650 words. How can this actually work in your favor? Let’s have a look at some lifehacks you never thought of.

how long should college essays be

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Be Prepared: What Helps to Write Great Essays in College

Before entering college, it is difficult to anticipate how many assignments are going to be assigned in the next 3 years. Everybody is dreaming about partying with friends, participating in clubs, going to concerts, and other college social activities. However, due to an overwhelming amount of homework, teenage dreams rarely come true. If you want to live an active college life, follow these tips, and you’ll always know how to write college essays from scratch.


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Where to Find Dissertation: Ways of Choosing a Good Service

If you decided to pursue a master’s degree or a PhD, you will have to write a dissertation. How long to write it depends on what grade you want on it and the requirements of your university. What volume will be sufficient for the degree you are pursuing? Actually, each discipline has its own limits and criteria. In the field of humanities, you may write 60-80 pages and be done with it, but in the field of programming, your dissertation will be no less than 120 pages due to the necessity of including a full transcript of the code you wrote. In addition, whom should you address if you need some help? These and other questions connected to dissertation writing will be answered below.


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What You Need to Know on How to Buy an Essay

Life can get complex sometimes, and it’s hard to be prepared for every kind of difficulty you might face, even in such a predictable environment as college. Even if you are a studying geek, it’s hard to complete all your assignments in advance, especially when having no idea about possible topics. So it’s a good decision to look for a good assignment service in advance, because–take it from us–you would barely manage to find a decent one in the situation when you have already started to panic. Here is a guide on “how to buy an essay online” without being cheated or deceived.

essay writing service no plagiarism

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Research Paper

Everything you need to know about writing research papers in one article.

can research paper have pictures

You are here because you were assigned a research paper. And we have prepared a long, but useful guide on writing a research paper that will answer all your inquires and questions like: “Can research papers have opinions in them?” Read this article and you will be able to describe all your research, starting from the study of “Hunger Games” characters to difficult chemical experiments. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Research Paper

How an Essay Writing Service Can Be Helpful for You?

So, so, so, here we have a not-so-honest student, who just googled “do my essay” and got here. We are going to make a screenshot of this page and send it to your parents and professors! We’re joking, of course. We are never going to do that. What we are actually going to do is tell you how to get great ideas if you don’t have any. Because we are not just any essay writing service you can find on the Internet – we are educational service ready to share useful tips, tricks, and secrets with students. We want you to get good grades while living a full life!

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How to Choose an Honest Professional Writing Service?

Once you search for “write my paper for cheap,” you will get links to hundreds of various services. Diversity is good – it means that services have to improve the quality of work they provide to attract clients. On the other hand, it is quite hard to choose a good service, especially if it is your first time ordering student papers online. Here are some tips on how to choose the right professional writing service.

Choose an Honest Professional Writing Service

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